About – Sultan Marketing


«Sultan Marketing» company was established in 1996.

Our headquarters is in Almaty. Our company produces and distributes products under «Sultan» trademark.

Today by means of «Sultan Marketing» our products are successfully sold in all areas of Kazakhstan – that is more than 20000 trade points per week. We use only covered warehouses for storage. Total warehouse area is more than 15 000 sq. m.


We seek after saving cultural and national peculiarities together with leading positions. We also strive for perfect production of domestic output.

Our mission is to create and use the strategies of continuous growth for Kazakhstani labor force within the scope of world market. Every day, year after year we confirm our leading position at production and distribution of domestic output.

Our goal is to be closer to consumers, to reveal all positive aspects of «Sultan» trademark.

The official motto of «Sultan» is «Highest quality, wide range and affordable price». This perfectly reflects the strategy of WHO: healthy food at affordable price!


  • To be correct at perceiving client’s expectations and needs;
  • To abide local legislation, local and world standards;
  • To use only modern technologies kept up with world progress;
  • To satisfy all client inquiries;
  • To increase quality by means of staff education and motivation;
  • To keep leading positions at domestic market and to strive for world market leadership.


All products of «Sultan» trademark meet Kazakhstani and worldwide quality standards.

We are constantly searching for qualified and responsible employees oriented at achieving results. All our inner documents, rules and procedures of human resources policy realization are developed and operated in a strict correspondence to legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Only modern methods and tactics are used for operating activities.

The aim of our human resources policy is to form staff consisting of highly educated and aim-targeted employees. As for us this method allows our stuff successfully implement and operate with modern knowledges.

Quality assessment system of «Sultan Marketing» includes:

  • Employee’s contribution to common goals;
  • Level of responsibility;
  • Level of success and personal performance;
  • Pay hike with allowance made for inflation.

We pay a lot of attention to constant development of personnel reserve. Company makes it through effective bonus system. Taking into consideration all personal employee’s indicators and activities we provide them an additional education and career growth support.

In order to keep high level of corporate spirit «Sultan Marketing» regularly holds the following corporate events:

  • New Year parties;
  • Outdoor picnics;
  • Iftar;
  • Sport events;
  • Birthday celebrations.

All «Sultan Marketing» employees are lunch-provided twice a day.

  • Total staff: 257 employees
  • Average age: 30
  • Average working experience: 5 years
  • Highest experience: more than 20 years
  • Female employees: 108
  • Male employees: 149